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Domain Registration

Many of the blog beginners will go for a free domain for domain registration. so now i am explaining about the advantages and dis advantages of free domains. and who should go for free domain and who should go for a paid domain

Avoids Loss of Momentum

At PrimeZone Infotech ,As any web marketer knows, it takes effort to promote a web site, and sometimes months to get it listed on the popular search engines. Fortunately, over time, some of those marketing efforts can build momentum, bringing more and more traffic to your site without additional marketing effort. But, if you can't take your web address with you when you switch to another ISP or host, you can lose much - if not all - of the momentum gained by your previous web marketing efforts.

  • Useful for events and college fest websites
  • Free domain for one year
  • Useful for simple bloggers
  • Great gift to short period websites
  • Useful in web development